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Local Business Owner Consults CTK Law Group Regarding Former Employee’s Competing Business
February 28, 2019
Recently, a local business owner contacted CTK Law Group regarding a former employee who founded a competing business located in the same office plaza. The former employee had also illegally contacted the business owner’s customers, leading the owner to suffer business losses resulting in six figure damages. With our cost-effective tactics, our client achieved its goals of preventing the former employee from further contact with its customers, re-directing the customers back to its business, and ensuring the departure of the former employee from the competing business.

CTK Law Group Assists Local Diamond Bar Office Building in Obtaining Compensation for Leaking Windows Against Building Developers
July 17, 2018
CTK Law Group assisted the unit owners of a local Diamond Bar office building in obtaining a favorable settlement for leaking windows. The unit owners discovered that shortly after construction of the building, the windows were improperly sealed.