Jonathan was extremely knowledgeable in helping me establish my family's trust. If you're looking for quality and precision to detail, CTK is definitely Top Choice.

Our small business recently was subject to a dispute with a former employee.  CTK Law Group was my last line of defense.  I felt safe and secure with Jonathan and Ramond at the helm, especially since they personally called us back each time and met with us (rather than put us off to a secretary or assistant).  Jonathan and Ramond always were always on time during our scheduled calls and meetings and are very responsive, addressing all our needs and concerns.  Jonathan and Ramond advised us on all of our options, some of which we had never considered, looking out for our interests in the most practical, time-efficient, and cost-saving manner. Because of their helpful and constructive guidance, we were able to resolve the matter. Thank you!

Jonathan and his partner Ramond were very helpful and informative.  They helped me understand parts of my family trust that I was unfamiliar with.  Many years ago, my husband and I had an “A-B trust” where our previous lawyers did not really explain the trust to us, including how to fill out our burial plans and how our trust even works.  Jonathan and Ramond carefully explained where I should sign and precisely WHAT I was signing.  Our previous lawyers were very careless and sloppy, so they helped cleaned things up for me. They also helped me identify what type of trust it was and what I could do with it.  They have great resources and were amazingly friendly!

As a small business owner, we realized that a potential employee conflict could have a destructive impact on our business. We were in dire need of an employee handbook for all our workplace rules and procedures.  Jonathan and Ramond spent hours drafting and custom-tailoring the employee handbook for our business to comply with California law.  While the process may seem tedious to us, Jonathan and Ramond explained each and every provision to us.  In the end, it was completely worth it, as we can now rest assured that our employees understand our rules and guidelines, allowing our business to be more efficient and to eliminate any misunderstandings with our employees.  Thank you CTK for helping our business run smoothly and efficiently!

Ramond and the CTK Law Group were extremely helpful to me this past year. Although my personal matter took many months to complete, Ramond made sure to consistently check in with me. He reported all progress in a timely manner, making sure I was updated and I understood the process. From the beginning, he set clear expectations and kept my mind at ease. I definitely recommend him and his team as they were honest, reassuring and professional during my time of need.

I hired CTK Law Group immediately after a scary accident I experienced last year 2018. I was involved in a terrifying car accident where I was T-boned at an intersection and it was not my fault. I was worried as I had never been in a major accident like this in my life so did not know how to go about it. The team at CTK was beyond the best in all aspects. Elaine and her team got everything sorted for me right away and took on all the heavy lifting throughout the lengthy legal process. They handled all aspects of my treatments, court hearings, and negotiations. Their professional process really helped me focus on the treatment I needed to get better and back to work. I did not have to worry about compounded paperwork or endless questions with insurance as everything went smoothly through the CTK team.   CTK was a great resource and support for me during this process. They delivered on all their guarantees and fought hard for me, leading to a great resolution during settlement negotiations. Not only were they able to defend me from some unjust accusations, but their calm and empathetic demeanor offered great emotional support. I are extremely grateful for their service and I would recommend them without reservation when dealing with any type of accident relief.

CTK Law Group was very helpful and friendly!  I met Jonathan and Ray to discuss the documents in my trust.  Initially, I had no idea what they were, but Jonathan and Ray helped me rewrite completely new documents for me.  They were very accommodating and patient with me.  Due to my unique family situation, they custom-tailored documents just for my needs perfectly!  Jonathan even replied to my text messages when he was away in Canada.  I couldn’t have asked for a more professional and respectable law firm.  Thank you Jonathan and Ray!

As a small business owner, our customer information and goods are at the heart of our business. CTK Law Group assisted us in drafting a customized Non-Disclosure Agreement for our distribution business. Our NDA is very detailed and Jonathan and Ramond explained all of the key details to us. I couldn’t have done it without their tremendous effort! Thank you for saving me from last-minute trouble!

I am very grateful to CTK law group, especially Jonathan Chan, Esq., for helping me fight against a baseless accusation. At first I was very scared and did not know what to do, but upon contacting Jonathan, he was at my doorstep within an hour (literally) to discuss our strategy to deal with this matter. His professionalism and keen sense of the law put me at ease and gave me a huge sense of relief. This allowed me to focus on my work and personal life without having the case weighing in the back of mind, for which I am very grateful! Jonathan gave me a piece of mind and came through for me when I needed help! Thanks again!

"I have been a client with CTK Law Group for about a year now. Ramond and Jonathan with their extensive knowledge, sound counsel, and honest client-focused approach, were able to help start my company with the right footing and solid foundation to begin our future. They have been with us every step of the way and have been invaluable to our success and are grateful to have them partnered with us."